World News Brief, Tuesday June 26

Member of Muslim Brotherhood wins Egyptian election -- first Muslimist elected head of an Arab state; Malaysia to deport Iranian bomb suspect; Chinese spacecraft docks with orbiting module, paves way for Chinese space station; key figure in 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks arrested; German finance minister rejects Obama's criticism of euro crisis, says he should reduce US deficit first; and more

Top of the Agenda: Islamist Wins Egyptian Presidential Election

Egypt's interim ruling military council pronounced the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi (NYT) the winner of the recent Egyptian presidential election, making him the first Islamist elected as head of an Arab state. Morsi's victory over the military's candidate of choice, former air force general Ahmed Shafiq, comes days after the council dissolved the democratically elected parliament and consolidated its power over the formation of a new constitution. In his victory speech, Morsi vowed to be a "president for all Egyptians."


"Indeed, in a near perfect resurrection of the old-regime narrative, Egypt's first democratic presidential race had pitted the military regime in the form of Shafik against its traditional opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood. And the fact that a civilian has replaced a military regime as an Arab head of state marks a monumental new chapter in the ever evolving story of the Arab Spring," writes TIME's Abigail Hauslohner.

"This is a historic moment for Egypt. Another nail has been hammered into the coffin of the old regime. The reaction of Tahrir Square on Sunday night was every bit as ecstatic as the toppling of Hosni Mubarak himself. Yet power itself has not changed hands, and the conflict with an ageing group of generals in the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (Scaf) might yet drag on for weeks or months," says this Guardian editorial.

"After last night's party, Egyptians wake up Monday to harsh realities. Their economy is in free fall and the allocation of power is far from settled. Some activists want to keep the protesters in the streets to force the military to give up control. Millions more want a return to stability. A new, legitimately elected president is a good democratic start, but only that," say this Wall Street Journal editorial.



Malaysia to Deport Iranian Bomb Suspect

A Malaysian court approved the extradition to Thailand of an Iranian being held in connection with a bombing in the Thai capital of Bankgok (RFE/RL) earlier this year that was thought to target Israeli diplomats.

CHINA: A Chinese spacecraft, the Shenzhou 9, docked manually with an orbiting module (NYT) yesterday. The successful docking is expected to pave the way for China to build a space station by 2020.



Key figure in 2008 Mumbai bombings arrested

German finance minister rejects Obama euro crisis criticism



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