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If you want to write for Pundit all you have to do is agree to our terms and conditions and copyright agreement, then send us a story. You – yes you – could get published alongside some of New Zealand top’s writers and thinkers. (You can also send us a photo along with your piece. We’d love it if you did). We may not be able to reply instantly, but we’ll get onto it ASAP.

Here’s what we’re after:

Your Punt: Are you an expert on something, or do you have a strong, well-informed opinion? Write us a piece of smart commentary. Are you a citizen journalist? Send us a post. This is where we leave the stage to you guys. Stories should be around 800 words long. Use the submission form below.

Counter Column: Have you read a column or blogpost somewhere else that you think needs some rebuttal? Can you challenge another writer respectfully but with facts and expertise? Then send us a post, again about 800 words, give or take. Use the submissions form below.

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