World News Brief, Friday October 2

Iran nuclear talks begin with "no compromise" vow (+analysis and background); hundreds die in Indonesia earthquake; Israel to exchange prisoners for video of solider; Obama tells big polluters to install monitors; and more

Top of the Agenda: Iran Talks with World Powers

Iran meets with the five members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany and the European Union, today in Geneva, to discuss Iran's nuclear program (WashPost). The global powers hope to negotiate the opening of the newly disclosed Iranian nuclear facility to inspectors.

Officials in Tehran have said (PRESS TV) Iran "will not compromise" on its nuclear program.

Washington also would like Iran to agree to participate in bilateral talks on a "broader relationship," the New York Times reports, including trade and Tehran's support for Islamic terrorist and militant groups.

U.S. officials say the international talks may include (LAT) a rare one-on-one session between the Americans and Iranians.


In an interview with CFR, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Manouchehr Mottaki, said Iran is hoping the multilateral talks in Geneva will trigger a broader dialogue of cooperation.

Political scientist Joseph Nye says in an interview with CFR that the Obama administration's emphasis on multilateralism raises the prospects for dealing with Iran effectively on its nuclear program, but expects no diplomatic breakthroughs in the short term.

Robert Kagan says U.S. President Barack Obama should forget about Iranian nuclear developments and focus rather on Iranian instability and the regime's fight for survival.


The New York Times reports that the possibility that Iran may be developing a nuclear weapon and that it could destabilize the region if pressed too hard, has raised alarm among Arab governments, especially Iran's neighbors in the Persian Gulf.

An interactive timeline traces developments in U.S.-Iranian relations since World War II.


PACIFIC RIM: Indonesian Earthquake

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake killed at least 529 people (NYT) and trapped thousands in the rubble of collapsed buildings. The Indonesian government ordered that aid be provided (Jakarta Post) for some two hundred thousand quake victims.

North Korea: North Korea said it will not adhere (Yonhap) to the new UN Security Council resolution on non-proliferation and disarmament. A spokesman for the North's Foreign Ministry said the country will never give up its nuclear weapons.



Obama administration implements new emissions rule.
Israel to release prisoners in exchange for proof of life of Israeli soldier.

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