When good trials go bad

Sick of #Brexit analysis? While most legal proceedings are more boring than watching grass dry, this one crazy transcript will shock and amaze you!

Having tired of perusing the interweb's voluminous reckons on Brexit, I chanced upon a gem of a story regarding an interchange between a defendant and a judge in Georgia (the U.S. variant) that did ... not go well.

To set the scene, the defendant (a Mr Allen, appearing on a charge of murdering a fellow inmate) sought to get a new public defender, on the grounds that the one presently allocated to him had demanded oral sex before properly representing him. This claim seems somewhat unlikely, given that Mr Allen also accused the lawyer in question of getting doctors to "put a false diagnosis on me". And the Judge, Judge Durham, rejected the application, telling Mr Allen he either had to stick with the lawyer appointed or else represent himself.

Whereupon things began to go downhill fast:

Allen: Go fuck yourself. I'm through here. Are y'all done?

Durham: I — I am finding — I’m finding you in contempt of court.”

Allen: I don’t care.

Durham: I know you don’t. And I sentence you to 20 days for that. And if you say anything else, I’m going to add 20 days for everything you say.

Allen: Fuck you.

Durham: Forty days.

Allen: Fuck you again.

Durham: Sixty.

Allen: Go fuck yourself.

Durham: A year.

Allen: Your mama.

Durham: Ten years.

Believe it or not, that was only the start of the craziness. It continued with Judge Durham telling Mr Allen that "you look like a queer" and inviting him to "jack off" in the courtroom, while Mr Allen in turn threatened to murder the Judge's entire family. Go have a read of the full transcript. It's a real doozy.

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