We don't need a key, we'll break it

Moa brewery will give you beer to break the law. Buy more Moa beer!

David Farrar over at Kiwiblog has posted on an apparently genuine ad from the Moa brewery promising 15 crates of beer to anyone who knocks down the proposed "Wellywood" sign intended for the hill above the airport.

Obviously the intent behind this blatantly commercial effort to leverage off genuine public disquiet at a unbelievable naff branding attempt is to be praised. I mean, is there anyone outside of Infratil who thinks the suggested sign is a good idea? (And by "a good idea", I mean something more than Sir Michael Fowler's "well - you think of something better!" defence of it. Here's one - just leave the bloody hill like it is!)

So - kudos to Moa for bravely cashing in on this sentiment in an effort to sell us more beer. But I can't help but wonder if, in launching their search for publicity, Moa have fully considered this, combined with this. Or even this.

So - question ... can you incite an offence against property, or threaten in writing to damage property, that has not yet been created? Discuss amongst yourselves.

(Oh - in the midst of writing this post, I found this story on the ad. Apparently the brewery's market manager Sunil Unka says that Moa will look at paying the legal fees of anyone who acts on their offer. Very nice - but who will pay yours?)