Titular land titles to be reinstated

New Zealand on track for feudal land system, says Parliamentary Correspondent David Lewis Esquire

Premier John Key today announced the reversal of a previous government’s decision to break up the great estates.

Mr Key said it was his pleasure to return to a land ownership system that would recognise service given to New Zealand.

"Before the election I commented publicly that the rebuilding of the great estates was a matter that would be looked at by an incoming National Government.

"This is about celebrating success," Mr Key said.

Mr Key said he had no views whether people should accept or reject their land title.

He felt the decision was the best way of New Zealand having its own unique feudal system.

He stood by his belief that New Zealand would one day become a republic, but his Government would be taking no active steps toward it.

"The Queen has given approval for the reinstatement of land titles. The changes will be finalised and come into effect in time for the Queen's Birthday in June.”

Rupert Asquith Hayes-Knightly Knight of Wanaka, Twizel and Tekapo said it was splendid to own the Southern Alps again.