Presented for your consideration, and without any further comment, I give you John Key's oddly divergent views of the media.

Key said he had "enormous respect" for the media and believed in the freedom of information., 30 July, 2013

Prime Minister John Key has gone on the offensive, calling the media "knuckleheads" for their reporting on the appointment of GCSB head Ian Fletcher and claiming former Prime Minister Helen Clark personally headhunted more people for such positions than he has.

Speaking on RadioLive, Mr Key also said he would refuse to answer immediately any questions in Parliament or from the media that required details he did not have to hand.

NZ Herald, 6 April, 2013.

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by Nick Gibbs on July 30, 2013
Nick Gibbs

Hardly earth shattering news. PM doesn't always get along with the media. Who'd have thunk?

by stuart munro on July 30, 2013
stuart munro

Wants his cake and to eat it. He was perfectly entitled to appoint Fletcher, or his grandmother for that matter, to the GCSB. What he was not entitled to do was do that, and pretend he hadn't.

by william blake on July 31, 2013
william blake

I feel the exact opposite. I think Mr Key is an intelligent polymath, for whom I have no respect.

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