The rising violence between Israelis and Palestinians is extremely worrying, but it is not all one way, and its context cannot new conveniently ignored. 

Here’s a 22 point plan for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Entrench Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.

Never let a chance go by to duplicitously conflate Hamas and some in Fatah with the Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL so as to gild the imperiled-Israeli lilly.

Never accept as enough Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas‘ condemnation of such horrific Palestinian attacks on Jews as this week’s in the synagogue.    

Insist negotiations are the only way for a Palestinian state to emerge, while consistently announcing new Jewish-only settlements on the land that was to be that state.

Unilaterally announce the state acquisition of thousands of acres of Palestinian land and  blithely ignore international appeals to desist in the interest of peace.

Kill thousands of Palestinians in the sealed prison of Gaza in a brutally disproportionate response to the (also criminal) Hamas rocket fire.

Step up mass arrests of Palestinians under the ‘Israel’s security is paramount‘ cop out.

Reintroduce the illegal process of collective punishment of families and entire Palestinian districts when a Palestinian is suspected of a crime against Israelis.

Always refer to Palestinian criminals as terrorists.

Even when Palestinian perpetrators are killed in a situation such as this week’s appalling slaying make sure their deaths are not punishment enough thus reinforcing the life-price index which values Israeli lives above those of Palestinians (see prisoner exchanges).

Make sure the families of suspected or known Palestinian perpetrators are arrested.

Announce with utter contempt for international law that the homes of perpetrators’ families will be destroyed.

Gloss over the fact that Israeli killers of Palestinians never have their family houses destroyed in retaliation/revenge for the actions of the Jewish perpetrators.

Brush aside all indications that extremist Israelis hanged a Palestinian bus driver...trotting out the ‘suicide‘ label is just as easy as employing the ‘terrorist’ one.

Increase security to keep Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem under curfew while ignoring the actions of extremist Jews who call for Palestinians to be expelled.

Ignore the racist incitement to kill by Israeli train driver Benny Levy who called for every fellow Jew to, in the interests of the ‘Jewish Nation’ “invest in one small effort” and “run over only one Arab”.   

Make constant reference to footage of Palestinians appearing to celebrate the synagogue murders while conveniently forgetting how Jews took chairs and picnic hampers to high grounds which would give them better views of the slaughter of Gaza.

Ignore the actions of settlers who set fire to the al-Mughayir Mosque near Ramallah.

Ignore the months of extremist Israeli attacks on Al Aqsa Mosque in attempts to get in there to pray.

Unilaterally announce in order to further jeopardise any hope of peace talks that Israel will never give up Jerusalem - described by Netanyahu as the “undivided capital of the Jewish state”, which it is not. 

Most of all, ignore International law and United Nations Security Resolutions over and over again.

Act with impunity at all times.

Well as is very clear to anyone who is even remotely interested in this dispute all 22 points, and indeed a myriad of others, are already in action and guess what?

No peace in sight.

And if there is not peace for Palestinians how on earth does the ‘brains trust‘ which actions the above points expect there to be peace for Jews in Israel.

After 47 years of illegal occupation it is patently ridiculous to believe Palestinians will 

accept what Israel calls peace which is essentially the status quo of of occupation where Palestinians are conveniently locked in Gaza, herded behind the Apartheid Wall or, if in East Jerusalem which is supposed to one day be their capital, subjected to grossly inferior treatment to that of Jewish Israelis in what is commonly called bureaucricide - erosion of all rights to equal health, education, social assistance, marriage laws, visas, housing etc.

Despite all this Palestinians will not just walk off what remains of their lands and give up.

Reintroducing the proven counter-productive punishment of demolishing the family, and even extended family homes of Palestinian criminals - whether they have been killed or not (let alone tried in a court of law) is not a magic recipe for compliance with a colonial apartheid system of rule.

It is unequivocally illegal under Article 33 of the IV Geneva Convention and it will not deter.

Indeed it will only inflame, and here’s where the international community must pay attention.

Perhaps the political leadership in Israel wants a third intifada for two reasons: it makes the already weak Palestinian leadership look even weaker and therefore not capable of running an independent state; and, more violence even from rogue, frustrated, angry and non-aligned young men will ‘hopefully’ gin up international support for the victim occupier. 

The sooner the Palestinian Authority ratifies the Rome Statue the sooner it can put the above points before the International Criminal Court.

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by Ian MacKay on November 21, 2014
Ian MacKay

It is incredible that the Israeli system can escape condemnation from a "peace Loving fairminded" World.

Beheadings in Iraq? Condemnation!

Destruction of family houses and summary executions of Palestinians? Look at the pretty sunset.

Great piece of irony in your post Jane.

by Rex Ahdar on November 27, 2014
Rex Ahdar

So much drivel here it's hard to know where to begin. In fact I won't bother. And I wondered why I don't frequent this site so frequently now...

by Serum on November 28, 2014

Rex Ahdar - So much drivel here it's hard to know where to begin.

 Try beginning with Jane Young’s following statement:

 Ignore the months of extremist Israeli attacks on Al Aqsa Mosque in attempts to get in there to pray.

 This is a grotesque, indeed obscene distortion insulting the intelligence of those reading J.Y.’s posting and in fact does deliberately ignore the dangers of context.

There was never the slightest chance of this forlorn campaign to allow Jews to pray on TempleMountgetting anywhere with the Israeli government. Israel didn't escalate anything at all. On the contrary, the violence was initiated by the Arabs as they lit the petrol trail of lies and incitement.

This process was kicked off by Mahmoud Abbas when, at the UN a couple of months ago, he promulgated the demonstrable and ludicrous falsehood that Israel was committing genocide against the Palestinians. Last month, he fanned the flames of conflagration by claiming entirely falsely that Jewish “settlers” were planning to desecrate the al Aqsa mosque, and calling for them to be prevented.

Falsely he claimed that there were “many attacks on al Aqsa repulsed by religious leaders”. But there were no such Israeli attacks. Instead, Arabs lured the Israeli police into the complex by throwing rocks and shooting fireworks towards police officers stationed near the entrance to the Temple Mount area from the Western Wall plaza. The police chased the rioters who ran inside al Aqsa, which had been turned into an ammunition store. From there, pitched battles were fought with Israeli police, firing small rockets at them and hurling stones and other projectiles.

But J.Y. didn't mention any of this only to blame the victims and thus excused their attackers.

What J.Y. has never told her readers – and nor have the rest of the media ever reported – is the even more explicit incitement to violence by Abbas’s henchmen. In a chilling precursor to this slaughter, an official of Abbas's Fatah said on PA TV on November 7: “Jerusalem needs blood to purify itself of Jews”. On November 14, an official of the PA religious affairs ministry said Jerusalem needed “sacrifices and blood”.

Moreover, in an interview on November 5, Abbas's adviser Mahmoud al Habbash not only stated that the PA leadership supported the riots and terror attacks but confirmed that Abbas and the PA were “inciting the people in Jerusalem to perform ribat’.

“Ribat” is a very significant term in this context, since it signifies a religious duty to defend or reconquer land defined as Islamic. In other words, Abbas and his PA are inciting Islamic holy war in Jerusalem.

More to the point, this psychotic incitement against Jews pours out of the “moderate” PA as well as Hamas day after day. PA officials and PA TV repeatedly call Jews a “disease’, “worse than smallpox”, claim that Jews living in Jerusalem are a “cancer”; and so on and sickeningly on.

Go to the Palestinian Media Watch website and scroll down through the countless examples of dehumanisation and demonization of Jews and Israelis. You’ll see that these are Nazi-style, diabolical images and paranoid incitement.

None of this is reported by the western media, which itself incites against Israel through its relentless selective, distorted or false reporting, double standards and blaming the victim.

This latest atrocity was not without the most horrific significance that one of the victims at the Jerusalem synagogue where he was praying reportedly had his arm hacked off with a meat cleaver and has stripped away the fantasy to which these and so many others in the west subscribe, that the Middle East conflict is about the division of land and can thus be resolved through negotiation. It is not, and cannot. Abbas (let alone Hamas) is calling for a holy war.

by Andrew P Nichols on December 03, 2014
Andrew P Nichols

Gee - The hasbara are out in force today. Too bad an increasing majority are no longer listening - Boycott Divest and Sanction - NOW

by Serum on December 03, 2014

More from Andrew P Nichols presenting no counter auguments but only engaging in drivel and promoting the immoral BDS campaign.

Although the economic consequences of the campaign of economic warfare against Israel in the West have been negligible, BDS’s goal is not economic. The goal of the movement is to dehumanize Israelis and set apart for social ostracism anyone who refuses to embrace the anti-Jewish slanders that Jews have no right to self-determination and are morally inferior to every other religious, ethnic and national group in the world.

 For Oxfam’s part, it dug itself further and further into its ridiculous hole. Its mantra that Israeli “settlements” such as Ma’ale Adumim – the city to which Mishor Adumim belongs — are illegal under international law is simply false. The usual claim that they contravene the Geneva Convention egregiously misrepresents the Geneva Convention. Jews have been legally entitled to live in Judea andSamaria, furthermore, ever since the Mandate treaty of 1922 gave them the right to “close settlement” of all that land.

Next, Oxfam claimed that firms in the “settlements”, such as SodaStream, deepen Palestinians’ poverty and deny their rights. But SodaStream’s Arab workers disagree, pointing out that the company provides them with well-paid work.

Oxfam’s most damaging own goal, however, was to open people’s eyes to its real agenda. People who naively believed Oxfam was all about feeding the poor now realised it promotes a Palestine state and makes (false) claims about the status of the land.

It has even been accused of funding the BDS movement, which it denies – but only by maintaining that funds it gives to groups promoting BDS aren’t used for BDS. Yeah, right. The problem, though, is not just Oxfam. It is the giant multinational industry of NGOs, funded by millions of euros from European governments, which obsessively promote lies, hatred and incitement against Israel.

They do not seek to boycott Turkey over its occupation of northern Cyprus, nor Morocco over its occupation of western Sahara. They do not seek to delegitimise Syria or Iran or China. Instead, they single out Israel, the lone oasis of human rights in the Middle East, for distortion and demonisation.

And as Khaled abu Toameh writes, Egypt is now punishing the Palestinians on account of Hamas’s support of the Egyptian Brotherhood, by sealing its frontier with Gaza and denying access of food, fuel and other supplies to the Palestinians (with not a peep, of course, from the anti-Israel BDS crowd against this ‘collective punishment’).

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