Single Serves: The Gastronomic Poetry of Don Brash

In which our hero riffs about Air New Zealand, Singaporeans, frozen corn, foodieism, and the Burger King barbeque bacon burger, all in one masterful jam session. Inspired by, well, this

A little something
I never go hungry
But I'm not wildly enthusiastic about cooking
I tend to eat very, very simple food
I cook myself steak
Plus either potato
Or frozen peas
Or frozen corn
Or tomato
Or something

My Catholicism
If I'm in a hurry, it's Burger King
Or McDonald's
Occasionally KFC
Or Subway
If I'm feeling very adventurous, I eat Subway
It's very quick, very convenient
And actually I enjoy it
All of them are enjoyable
I'm catholic in my tastes
I don't want to prejudice my prospects at the others
But I actually like the Burger King barbecue bacon burger

I'm not a foodie
In the sense that my wife is
My wife is a Singaporean
And Singaporeans tend to be real foodies
And they are therefore very focused
On exactly what kind of food they like
I like food
But you can't really describe me as a foodie

Koru Club
There are some days when I have breakfast at home
At six in the morning
And I have lunch at the Koru Club in Wellington
And dinner at the Koru Club in Christchurch
It's just food on the run
And at some times of the day, Koru Club food is not bad
Other times, it's pretty awful

With thanks to straight-faced-transcriber-extraordinaire Tom Fitzsimons, and apologies to Hart Seely, the genius behind Pieces of Intelligence: The Existential poetry of Donald H Rumsfeld.