Pundit Re-design... Different, but otherwise the same

It's time for a wee change. Taihoa and we'll jump into our new look

Hi Pundit people,

Just a quick note to say that when next you see the site, it'll look a bit different. Over the next day or two we'll be migrating Pundit and all its 3867 stories, its 24545 comments and nearly 10,000 members to a new platform for a more modern look.

It won't be terribly different; tweaks here and there, but nothing radical. We are still a site of words, ideas, mostly civil debate... and not much else. 

I'll be delighted to introduce a few new pundits, to tidy up a few categories and re-jig things a bit. But as I say, otherwise much the same. The rules are still people who can offer insight because they have expertise or experience, posts that have some thought behind them, and discussion that plays the ball.

Hopefully it'll also be a bit easier at the back end so it's easier for our pundits to post and the comments section is easier for you all to use.

Onwards and upwards.