Steven Joyce’s Budget 2013 announcement says that his ‘New Zealand Story’ project will be all about innovation and resourcefulness, our Maori heritage, and a ‘welcoming, friendly’ approach. I think the Emperor has no clothes, and it's about time somebody said so

100% pure New Zealand claims now lie exposed, as an embarrassment and a risk to our Government.

Steven Joyce’s Budget 2013 announcement says that his ‘New Zealand Story’ project will be all about 'innovation and resourcefulness', our Maori heritage, and a ‘welcoming, friendly’ approach.

The New Zealand Story is a ‘shared story about New Zealand for international audiences’, beneath which education, trade and enterprise, and tourism will all be marketed:

The Story will:

  • Communicate New Zealand’s values and personality
  • Feel and be authentic
  • Feel different to other countries’ stories
  • Move us beyond place (our landscape)
  • Be a foundation story from which other stories can grow
  • Support growth in export earnings.”

But it it doesn't matter how Mr Joyce tries to dress it up: the Emperor still has no clothes, and nowhere to hide. His new claims are equally false.


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by ShanghaiSue on June 27, 2013

I'm all for updating the New Zealand brand, sorry story but completely agree, the reason to believe has to match the image.  The other area where we could be really let down is on safety and security which in China (and elsewhere I suspect) means food and personal safety.  I hope they have safety as one of our foundation values and if they do then I hope we can substantiate the food security sub story.  We could also get let down on personal safety.  Foreign students and tourists in New Zealand being assaulted and robbed is a common occurrence.  Chineses and other cities are safer than New Zealand.  As a female I can walk around centrl Shanghai at night without any fear.   Could I do that in Auckland?

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