New Zealand's story: our shared story?

Steven Joyce’s Budget 2013 announcement says that his ‘New Zealand Story’ project will be all about innovation and resourcefulness, our Maori heritage, and a ‘welcoming, friendly’ approach. I think the Emperor has no clothes, and it's about time somebody said so

100% pure New Zealand claims now lie exposed, as an embarrassment and a risk to our Government.

Steven Joyce’s Budget 2013 announcement says that his ‘New Zealand Story’ project will be all about 'innovation and resourcefulness', our Maori heritage, and a ‘welcoming, friendly’ approach.

The New Zealand Story is a ‘shared story about New Zealand for international audiences’, beneath which education, trade and enterprise, and tourism will all be marketed:

The Story will:

  • Communicate New Zealand’s values and personality
  • Feel and be authentic
  • Feel different to other countries’ stories
  • Move us beyond place (our landscape)
  • Be a foundation story from which other stories can grow
  • Support growth in export earnings.”

But it it doesn't matter how Mr Joyce tries to dress it up: the Emperor still has no clothes, and nowhere to hide. His new claims are equally false.


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