Neknominate: the Colin Craig version

Colin Craig is on a one-man mission to rid politics of untruths and distortions. Good luck with that!

Here's an idea for a fun game. Try and write a blogpost that says what Russel Norman did about Colin Craig, but in a way that avoids getting a letter from Chapman Tripp threatening you with a defamation action.

(While we're talking about Chapman Tripp ... I'll bet there's someone in the litigation team there that rubs his (or, less likely, her) hands with glee whenever their PA tells them "It's Mr Craig on the line". Here comes a nice chunk of billable hours spent on nonsensical trivia!!!)

Then, once you've done written your version, you neknominate someone else in the blogosphere to take their turn at it. You're not allowed to pick whatsisname, you can try David Farrar (but realise that his team will be wanting Crazy Ol' Colin's 3-or-4 MPs come October), and G-d help you if you choose to engage with The Grey Badger.

So ... here's my go at it.

Colin Craig espouses a form of political ideology that, in my personal opinion, primarily relies on an emotional appeal to an entirely mythical 'better past' in which a woman's place was considered to be in the kitchen and homosexuals were compelled to hide their sexuality from public attention. Based upon the various statements on gender and sexuality issues he has made in recent years, it is fair to say that he is personally uncomfortable with women exercising sexual choice and views same-sex attraction as an aberrant and undesirable condition. Were he to gain a share of political power, it is highly likely he would support policies that would be harmful to many women and almost all gay people.

Now, I nominate Scott Yorke. Can you do it any better?