National News Brief, Friday October 24

Woman shot dead by AOS; conflicting polls on government leadership; Rodney Hide slapped by Electoral Commission; Contact Energy directors back down; Dunedin Hospital still battling norovirus; and more

  • In contrast, the latest Herald-DigiPoll found National could govern alone, with 50.4 percent support compared the Labour's 37 percent. The Herald's political editor Audrey Young says, "The Maori Party, with four seats, would not hold the balance of power. Nor would it do so if it won all seven Maori seats but stayed on its 2.4 per cent poll rating in the party vote."
  • John Key told gay magazine Express he would turn gay for Brad Pitt. Australian talk show host Rove McManus has turned the question, 'Who would you turn gay for?' into a classic part of his programme, says the Herald. Politicians don't usually answer, but the National leader had no qualms when asked by Express magazine. "Who would I go gay for? ... Brad Pitt. Now he's a bit older, he's a bit of a looker. I was going to say Tom Cruise, but someone of his age shouldn't look that young."