National News Brief, Friday October 17

Key does flip flop on Maori seats promise; New Zealand First wants to cut immigrants to protect jobs; Coroner pushes to raise the driving age; petrol prices higher than they should be; the popular iTeddy; and more

  • John Key yesterday admitted that he has privately indicated to the Maori Party that National's policy to abolish the Maori seats could be abandoned in the interests of a coalition deal. The New Zealand Herald says Key made his u-turn in Dunedin yesterday, saying, "I've certainly acknowledged it is not a bottom line for us". But he continued to insists that no agreement has been reached. The Press reminds readers that on Tuesday night Key had said, "I've never given that assurance". The Dominion Post quotes Prime Minister Helen Clark saying Key has told "an outright fib". Meanwhile, Maori MP Hone Harawira says his mum Titewhai has told him to go with Labour.
  • The Herald's front page splash reports that  "Drivers are paying 30c a litre more for petrol than they were the last time crude oil prices were at yesterday's level - and economists say our fuel prices should come down substantially and soon." The lower Kiwi dollar is being blamed for the difference.