Monteith's beer winner

Have a strong opinion and want a case of free beer? Well, the winner is...

In the past week or two you may have noticed the banner ad along the top of our site. It's for Monteith's and links to a site which pulls together all the comments being made on a bunch of New Zealand websites, including Pundit and our friends at Public Address, Kiwiblog and Geekzone.

All good fun, and now Monteith's has given us a case of beer (24 stubbies) to one loyal Pundit fan. The ever-faithful Stuart Munro came to mind, but South Korea's just too far away to post a box of beer. Sorry, Stuart.

So the winner is Bruce Thorpe. Congratulations Bruce! We'll drop you an email and you can send us your address, and the beer will take flight to your front door.

This is a chance to say how much we appreciate your comments, your ideas, your argument. It's notable for its wisdom and the fact that it almost never slides into personal abuse. We like to think we've got good manners here at Pundit, so thanks to you all for helping keep standards high.