In which you give us your name and address and we perhaps give you a great day out on Monday, January 30

It's running late, so this is probably, really, kinda only for people in Auckland and surrounds... But if you and a friend like to go to the Laneway Festival on Monday (Akld anniversary) and don't want to spend $127 per ticket, we've got two pairs of tickets to give away (that's four tickets, folks).

If you would like them, give your name and physical address (and anything else you'd like to say) into the comments below TODAY. We'll draw two lucky winners tonight and courier them to you tomorrow.

Get cracking.


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by Ashley on January 26, 2012

Would love to head along to Laneway please - first year was awesome, but missed out last year. Cults rock!

Ashley Schroder


by nommopilot on January 26, 2012

Yeeeeah..  fingers are crossed:

Mic Watts


by Jonathan Barron on January 26, 2012
Jonathan Barron

Yay! So keen!

Jonathan Barron


by Jeremy Stewart on January 26, 2012
Jeremy Stewart

Yes please, may actually be able to get to a festival this year!


by JeffNusz on January 26, 2012

Thanks Pundit, great idea! Fingers crossed..

Jeff Nusz


by Kit McLean on January 26, 2012
Kit McLean

Oh yes please! We couldn't afford BDO and Laneway tickets - we (I...) made the wrong choice :(  Would looooove to have a proper summer festival experience in 2012!


by Ed Hayes on January 26, 2012
Ed Hayes

Yes please!?!

Ed Hayes

by Brad on January 26, 2012

M83 had the album of the year last year for me - I would love nothing more than to see them live! Yet to go to a Laneway festival and have hated missing out previous years... hopefully this year :) thanks heaps!

Brad Richards

Sandringham, Auckland


by Ashleigh on January 26, 2012

oh yes please! summer festival in the city on my day off would be just the ticket


by George Grieve on January 26, 2012
George Grieve

Awesome! Id love to escape training for the day, and in silo park too! The Auckland planners have been getting some things right at least! We can enjoy the view while we've still got it!

George Grieve


by baruk feddabonn on January 26, 2012
baruk feddabonn

what everyone above said!


by Stephen Lyons on January 26, 2012
Stephen Lyons

I live in Auckland and am officially broke. Please Pundit!

Will trade for hugs.


Stephen Lyons


by Anna on January 26, 2012

Yes pleeeeease!!!!!!!!



by Jacky on January 26, 2012

Will be travelling to Auckland for the weekend till tuesday, would be amazing to get free tickets to go to laneway!!!

Jacky Liu


by Tamsyn Matchett on January 26, 2012
Tamsyn Matchett

Hope I am not TOO LATE... because I am desperate to go!! 


Tamsyn Matchett


by Hazel Gibson on January 26, 2012
Hazel Gibson

Hurrah! I've never been!

Hazel Gibson

by Tim Watkin on January 27, 2012
Tim Watkin

Morning all. We'd love to give you all tickets, of course, but we only have the two pairs, so... The utterly independent mother-in-law has been roped in to make the draw and the lucky winners are:

Stephen Lyons


Anna of Eden Terrace.

They'll be on your way to your address today.


by nommopilot on January 27, 2012

Thanks Tim.

Can you remove address details from the intertubez now please. /paranoia

k thx bai

by Anna on January 27, 2012

no way!!! Yaaaay!!

by Ashleigh on January 27, 2012

yay! would love to win these


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