We're finally going to find out if we need to change how our election laws limit satirical speech ... after the period for submitting to Parliament on our election laws has ended.

From Darren Watson's website:

[email protected] 30 March, 2015

The judge in the Planet Key case has said he will be ruling on Darren & Jeremy's High Court action before Easter weekend.

Background to the issue here and here. The song itself is here (authorised by Andrew Geddis, 3 Derdan St, Purakaunui).

Ladies and Gentlemen, expect abundant election law nerdity in the near future. It's just a shame that this decision will be coming out within a couple of days of the closing period for submissions to the Justice and Electoral Committee's Inquiry into the 2014 General Election (it ended today). Because if the Court upholds the Electoral Commission's interpretation of the Electoral Act (and its reading of s.3A in particular), then we really will need to change that bit of law.

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by Katharine Moody on April 02, 2015
Katharine Moody

The Court did not uphold the EC's interpretation;


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