It is very important that Ian Wishart hears your honest-to-god, really-what-I think views on critical social matters.

Danyl McLachlin at the Dim-Post has broken his self-imposed exile from the blogosphere to draw the world's attention to this very important survey being run by Ian Wishart's Investigate Magazine.

May I recommend that all Pundit readers take a minute or two to communicate their thoughts on such important matters as "If Labour promised to abolish the Anti-smacking Law if it became government, would you consider voting for them at this election?" and whether "The United Nations is using climate change to push for a UN world government system"?

And whilst I would never advocate telling deliberate untruths, I note that the opportunity to explain in a few words "what would be the most significant lifestyle changes/decisions you have made as a result [of the recession]?" opens up all sorts of room for mischief making.

Check out what Scott over at Imperator Fish has been up too in recent times ... obviously there's more money in IT law than ever.

(Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of a leftist lesbian feminazi attempt to undermine and discredit one of the few remaining bastions of truth-seeking in this benighted, relativistic swamp that we call "society". Anyone who knows what is really going on ought to ignore it completely.)

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by BeShakey on January 24, 2011

I love question 25: Parents are currently required to give consent before schools give Panadol to children. Should schools also be forced to seek parental consent before arranging for schoolgirls as young as ten to have abortions?

I also love the fact that most of it barely makes sense and parts simply don't work (e.g. try selecting 2 or more things you intend to buy as suggested by the question).  It definitely has the Wishart feel about it.

by william blake on January 24, 2011
william blake

Gawd I got all of the way to the end and discovered that you didn't win anything, how slack is that?

Q.25. is really upsetting. Here is an alternative;

If Ian Wishart had cancer would you

(a) advocate for euthanesia.

(b) send grapes.

(c) let him rot.

(d) vote National.

by BeShakey on January 25, 2011

You kind of win something - you get another reason to hate Brooke Fraser.

There were a few good questions in the middle too, eg:

If Labour renounced the feminazi agenda, stopped forcing young children to have sex, and ceased to murder puppies would you...

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