As Dominque Strauss-Kahn treated the cameras to a hint of a Gallic grin, it wouldn't be out of the question to ask both who was really on trial here and if the self-satisfied satyr could himself pass the lie test that set him free.

Here’s a you think Dominique Strauss-Khan has ever told a lie?

Perhaps to his wives, his conquests, his daughters? No?

Just makes you warm and fuzzy inside to see his first interview after attempted rape charges against him were dropped was to thank his family who stood by him during his ‘ordeal’.

How fabulous a husband and father he is to score a consensual sexual tryst with the woman paid to clean up after him, just before lunching with one of his daughters and then popping on a plane back to the land where no woman would ever make a fuss about being so ’treated’ by such a clever chap.

After all when cornered by DNA evidence he is the one who said the ‘sex’ was consensual. So consensual it seems that forensic evidence showed the object of his affections was bruised, traumatised and covered in his semen.

Difficult to reconcile reality with men like that who wander around the world knowing that any woman anywhere is just waiting to relieve them of any pressure they may be experiencing at any time.

DSK is clearly such an efficient stud, that the entire pleasure-fest can be over in 9 minutes – from first sighting to leaving the room. All in a day’s work. 

It may be the woman involved has a full time job mucking out the toilets of those who splash $3000 a night on a suite. It may be the woman is a ‘colleague’ in his high-flying financial or political careers. Doesn't really matter who they are, what they earn, what their intellect or bank account is, Planet DSK registers them as just begging for ’it’.

In the real world however the dismissal of the charges against DSK is yet another very public showing of the victim as being guilty until proven innocent.

It is a message to anyone that if, like chambermaid Nafissatou Diallo, they have lied in the past, they are fair game.

It is really not much different from dressing so as to ask to be raped, or being a prostitute and therefore hardly taken seriously in a sexual crime.

Yes Diallo lied to present as a more deserving refugee desperate to gain entry to the United States. Yes it seems she altered the exact details of her actions following her blissful encounter with the, unbeknownst to her, wealthy and powerful French satyr.

One thing is worth taking a bet on though...when it comes to the relevant ‘lies’, her muddling of exactly what happened after the event would not have been due to having been taken to a euphoric, rapturous state by this self confessed and well known womanizer.

His mea culpa through his lawyer was that he had indulged...sorry engaged “ in inappropriate behaviour”, and of course that’s not a crime.

One of the sad aspects of all this is the French socialists are in such a parlous state that they just can’t wait for their man to get back into the political saddle, so to speak. How crass are they to really think this is the guy to represent them. They must be just as darned proud as his family.

More sad however is the decision by the Manhattan DA to ask for the case to be dropped. Sure the way the justice system works, dirt on accuser and accused are relevant. Nonetheless it is difficult indeed to imagine a jury buying the line that this poor, immigrant woman with a young daughter to support by doing a crap cleaning job just couldn't wait to jump the short, smug French guy and get roughed up, covered in his obviously not so select ‘issue’, and make an international fool of herself by going public to fight when she saw her rights and dignity being snatched away.

DSK still has some accounting to do...there’s Diallo’s New York civil case against him. Oh, and there’s that pesky little matter back in Paris where a young female writer Tristane Banon has accused him of trying to rape her. Banon’s own mother had had a sexual affair with DSK but any comment here would be only too obvious. For Banon jnr. however, it is to be hoped she has never, ever, told any lies.


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by stuart munro on August 27, 2011
stuart munro

Funny how US 'enemies' all become sex crminals. DSK, Assange...

by alexb on August 28, 2011

Don't be an idiot Munro, DSK is no enemy of the USA. He might be a politician under a 'socialist' banner, but that is an entirely meaningless term when you consider he was head of the IMF, about the most pro capitalist global organisation there is.

Nope, he became a sex criminal because he raped a maid and used his power and money to get the charges dropped. There was forensic evidence of rape. Lets not delude ourselves that this was some sort of setup.

His victim deserved a trail. Perhaps he would've been found innocent, and you can't quibble with the findings of a real courtroom. But DSK was powerful enough to ensure he wouldn't be taking that risk, knowing full well he could leverage his way out of the charges with a character assasination of his victim.

I hope he learns from this that he can never rape again, but frankly, I think this whole disgusting affair will send the opposite message. Powerful men worldwide, rape all you like, just make sure your victim has no social standing.


by Frank Macskasy on August 29, 2011
Frank Macskasy

This is one of those issues where one has a measure of syympathy for Jane Young's thoughts on this matter... and yet there is the concept of "innocent until proven guilty".


Of course, there is another trial awaiting Strauss-Kahn in France. Hopefully that case will proceed, and the evidence tested in Court. And if found guilty, his next sexual trysts may be in a prison shower with 'Big Bubba'...


by on June 16, 2012

I am disturbed by this part of the article "So consensual it seems that forensic evidence showed the object of his affections was bruised, traumatised and covered in his semen" its so obvious he's guilty. Why dont he just admit it...

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