Community Chest: Check out our World News Brief

Dear community...

Morning friends,

Given the good feedback we received on Jane Young's great piece on the Canadian election, I just wanted to put out a plug for our World News Brief. We think it's a great feature; a way to keep on top of the big stories around the globe in just 5-10 minutes. It highlights the day's number one story, plus looks at the big issues around the Pacific Rim.

The prestigious Council on Foreign Relations supplies us with the links and brief commentary and it's fascinating to get a glimpse of the important world stories missed by the anaemic world pages in New Zealand's newspapers. Today we look at economic concerns in the world's two biggest growth engines–China and India. Whether they can help carry developed countries through this financial crisis is one of the big questions of the coming year for globalisation-watchers. So check it out.


Pundit editors