A special treat for Dunedin readers!

Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Dr Andrew Butler propose that New Zealand should have a written constitution. If you're in Dunedin this Wednesday night, come along to the Museum and hear why.

As has been noted previously on this blog, Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Dr Andrew Butler  have published a book advocating that New Zealand enact a “written” constitution. They have also set up a Twitter account and a website to both promote the book and seek out comments, which they say in the book’s description “will be reflected in a second edition to be published in 2017.”

As a part of their indefatigable efforts to advance their vision, they're visiting Dunedin this Wednesday (November 30th). Whilst here, they'll be holding a public "conversation" about their proposal, which your humble author will facilitate. So allow me to take this opportunity to invite those Pundit readers in Dunedin or its environs to come along and participate!

Details are:

UBS Otago proudly presents 'Constitution Conversation: Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Dr Andrew Butler in conversation with Prof. Andrew Geddis from the University of Otago Faculty of Law'.

When: 7.30pm – 9pm, Wednesday 30 November 2016

Where: Otago Museum

TICKETS $5.00 from UBS Otago | 03 477 6976 |


Should we have a written constitution? Why? Why not? What would we gain? What would we lose? What do you think? Have you thought about it? 

To discuss these questions and more, join us for what promises to be a fascinating and insightful evening.