We're going to have a constitutional review, with these results. But here's some other thoughts on the matter ...

Last week I was interviewed by the Otago Daily Times for an article on the upcoming constitutional review. It is now on-line here.

I think the author, Shane Gilchrist, did a nice job on it. And those Otago University academics sound like very learned, sensible and interesting people. So have a read, then post any thoughts below.

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by Dean Knight on February 06, 2011
Dean Knight

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by BeShakey on February 07, 2011

Damn, how come the other NZ papers can't produce articles of similar quality?

I'd be interested in hearing more about why you think NZers (the public rather than academics and politicians) want a single written constitution (to the extent they do).  My perception is that many people think that the choice is between having no constitution whatsoever (which is what they believe is the case here), and having a single written constitution.  Likewise, I doubt many people appreciate the benefits of the status quo (e.g. our ability to fairly quickly and easily change documents that form some part of our constitution (for example the Cabinet manual and ministerial handbook).

by on March 07, 2012

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