Reserve Bank

Strong New Zealand dollar doesn't mean strong New Zealand economy; it just means our interest rates are higher

What we are witnessing is an old fashioned ideological debate, dressed up as economics.

The high dollar and its causes suit people who have a lot of New Zealand-denominated wealth; a lower dollar is better for producers - people who use capital to earn money.

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The Reserve Bank Act - time for a review

This year marks 25 years since the Reserve Bank Act 1989 was passed. While it has enjoyed a high degree of cross-party support over that period, the original settlement is unwinding and it is now time for a review. That need not involve throwing the anti-inflation baby out with the bathwater, nor the politicisation of a significant public institution.

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National News Brief, Thursday January 29

Farmers hope for lower interest rates after milk payout slashed; Fonterra refuses to release phone minutes; Maori want piece of infrastructure pie; fossils suggest New Zealand may not have been submerged 22m years ago; and more

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