Afghanistan – so yesterday’s war …

“Playstation helps Prince Harry be a better gunner” rates headlines – but “Torture on the rise in Afghan jails” barely rates a mention ... How come?

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World News Brief, Friday February 17

US and Afghanistan in peace talks with Taliban; Xi says US should respect China's core interests; Thai police say Iranians arrested for attempted bomb attack were targeting Israeli diplomats; Iran offers to return to international nuclear talks for first time in a year; Greek finance minister says Greece is being forced out of euro; horrific scenes at Honduras prison fire scene; and more

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World News Brief, Thursday January 20

Tunisian government flounders; Arab leaders to offer struggling Arab economies $2 billion; more evacuations in flood-hit Victoria; economists cast doubt on Vietnam's financial policy; Saudi leaders give up on Lebanon mediation; Karzai postpones inauguration of Afghan parliament; Baby Doc Duvalier charged with corruption and embezzlement 25 years after leaving Haiti; and more

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