Chinese exports

World News Brief, Tuesday June 12

Global markets rise with news of Spanish bank bailout; Burma declares state of emergency after violent clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in western Rakhine state; China's exports and imports up and inflation down; US threatens sanctions against "spoilers" to progress towards new Somali constitution and president; Russian police raid homes of opposition leaders; and more

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World News Brief Tuesday, July 12

US stalls over debt reduction talks--Republicans balked at Obama's tax increases; Australia to tax 500 biggest polluters; Chinese exports up 20 per cent in one year; Syrian forces raid city of Homs, killing one; drought in Somalia world's 'worst humanitarian crisis'; fears Eurozone crisis could spread to Italy, Europe's third-largest economy; and more

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World News Brief, Tuesday September 14

Turkey votes for constitutional change, wins EU support, despite giving government more power over courts; US plans record US$60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia; Korans burned in US after all; China says trade trade surplus aren't intentional; and more

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