World News Brief, Thursday November 6

Republicans take over US Congress; China hopes to 'set road map' for Free Trade Area of Asia Pacific at APEC summit; Indian finance minister commits to further economic reforms; Christian couple beaten to death in Pakistan; ebola treatment centre to open in Sierra Leone; Latin America's first high-speed train to be built in Mexico; and more 

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World News Brief, Wednesday November 9

Berlusconi wins budget vote but loses majority; Italian PM meets with ministers as allies urge him to resign; Bonds hit new high; Australia set to get carbon tax; US to use APEC to pressure China on yuan; Syrian forces enter Hama; Syrian protesters call for intervention in Hom "disaster area"; and more

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World News Brief, Tuesday November 16

G20 and APEC fail to deliver enforceable deals of currency and protectionism; Obama returns to US to face unfinished business; Suu Kyi urges reconciliation and rule of law; Netanyahu wants to return to peace talks (and billions of dollars); Is Ireland negotiating an EU bailout?: and more

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