Afghan candidate Abdullah Abdullah threatens to withdraw from presidential race; Indonesian president-elect to choose cabinet; Japanese officials to meet peers from Burma for first business talks; Zimbabwe and China 'strengthen friendship'; US begins surveillance flights over Syria; and more

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Afghan Candidate Threatens to Withdraw

Latest Ukraine protests kill dozens; Japanese economy may reverse 15 years of deflation; fatter, taller soldiers in China struggle to fit into tanks; North American leaders meet in Mexico for trade talks; tensions rise in bid to find successor to Robert Mugabe; and more 

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Dozens Killed in Ukraine Protests

US closes embassies in Middle East and North Africa amid heightened potential terrorist threat; Philippines awaits "positive response" to invitation to Chinese foriegn minister; US military helicopter crashes in Okinawa; bomb explodes at Buddhist temple in Jakarta; Zimbabwe opposition supporters say they were attacked by Mugabe supporters; and more

Top of the Agenda: Washington Closes Embassies in Mideast, North Africa

Zimbabwe heads to the polls amid concerns about vote fraud; Cambodia's opposition party calims election; Obama may visit Tokyo next year; Iran and Syria sign oil deal; report finds US spends half a billion dollars each year operating Guatanamo prison; and more

Top of the Agenda: Zimbabwe Votes Amid Fraud Concerns

Iran to cooperate on nuclear programme (+ analysis); Sri Lankan refugees refuse to leave Australian customs ship; Obama requests province-by-province report on Afghanistan; Europe debates Tony Blair's EU ambitions; and more

Top of the Agenda: Iran to Cooperate on UN Nuclear Deal