Willie Jackson

Willie Jackson is right that the low voting turnout amongst younger age groups is a real problem. But he's wrong to blame the Electoral Commission for following the law that Parliament has made.

Now that Willie Jackson has obtained the waiver needed to allow him to stand as a candidate for Labour despite not having been a party member for the required 12 months, he's setting out to prove he's worth the "winnable list placing" th

Once again, the Sisterhood has dragged down John Tamihere. Look upon his fate, ye men, and ponder.

According to the NZ Herald, which lifted its story from an interview he gave to Radio Waatea, John Tamihere plans to sue MediaWorks for

It’s been exclusively men, so far, who have been trying to persuade me of my flawed understanding of rape politics since I posted about the issue, and Willie and JT, on Friday. Left wing bloggers Giovanni Tiso and Egonomist just tweeted that I’m ‘crazy’ and my views ‘embarrassing’.

I’ve encountered three types of response.

The horrible truth that young men have been allowed to carry on raping under the watchful eye of the police is bad enough. The story has also picked the scab off some ugly politics.

I am disgusted, most of all, with the men who raped the young women.

I am disgusted with the police for not investigating properly when they had a complaint. 

Hone Harawira is back in parliament, but his rebirth looks to spell the end for the Maori Party's dream of a united Maori voice. For all the talk of conciliation, the more likely outcome is a battle to the death

So, Hone Harawira is back in parliament and John Key says it was all a waste of serious money because we're merely back where we started. Well, it was an unnecessary waste of money so close to an election, but we're certainly not back where we started.