White House

Today's short and grim speech reinforces and reveals how Donald Trump will govern as the 45th US president, and it won't serve his people well

The bully victorious. That's what today's inauguration of Donald Trump means to me.

And why should it mean anything else? That is the very essence of the man we have come to know over the past two years – the man who mocks, grabs pussy, calls opponents childish names, incites violence at rallies and is mollified by no-one. The man is not for turning.

White House criticises senators' letter about Iran; police and students clash in Burma; China reportedly building second aircraft carrier; Ivory Coast's former First Lady jailed for election violence; Venezuela hit with fresh sanctions over human rights violations; and more 


President Rejects Senators' Letter to Iran

Hollande dissolves French government; Thailand's junta leader sworn in as prime minister; South Korea, China and Japan to hold free trade talks; fighting intensifies in Gaza; White House officials to attend funeral of unarmed youth killed in Missouri; and more

Top of the Agenda

France Dissolves Government

White House lobbies to keep National Security Agency programme amid Snowden fallout; China bans construction of new government buildings; Beijing closes visa office in Manila after South China Sea protests; South Sudan president sacks entire cabinet; UN in Syria to investigate chemical weapons claims; and more

Top of the Agenda: White House Lobbies to Keep NSA Program

Greek workers strike ahead of parliament's decision on austerity (+ analysis: no easy solutions); International court issues warrant for Qaddafi and son; Afghan central banker flees after exposing embezzlement; Obama confident debt deal is close; Japanese PM promises to resign; and more

Top of the Agenda: Greek Unions Strike over Austerity Plan