Yes ... Stewart Murray Wilson is a "Beast". But that doesn't mean you can treat him howsoever you want.

So Stewart Murray Wilson is "free", and the representatives of the people of Whanganui appear none to happy about that. According to the Herald:

Last night, the [Wanganui District] councillors approved five action points:

Our liberty cannot be guarded but by freedom of the press. But does a free press really have to suck so bad?

I've had some unkind things to say about Mayor Michael Laws. Last week I fulminated about what appears to be his attempt to extract vengance against the local newspaper for an editorial stance he disapproves of.

Just what is there in Whanganui's water that makes people there act like morons?

I don't think anyone would disagree that Michael Laws has a rather healthy ego, or that he takes his job as mayor of Whanganui exceptionally seriously.

Forget Solomon. Maurice Williamson has just displayed the wisdom of Kang.

Until The Wire came along, I thought The Simpsons was about as good as TV could get.

To "H" or not to "H", that is the question. Or ... a town by any other name ... .

I happened to be in Brisbane, safely ensconced in air-conditioned comfort, when the NZ Geographic Board/Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa issued its decision that the official name for the town-