welfare state

A new report raises questions about the past and future of the support that we give to those in need.

The Child Poverty Action Group has produced a report, Further Fraying of the Welfare State, describing the ongoing undermining of the welfare safety net under the Key-English National Government.

Jenny Shipley says the middle class has captured the welfare state. But did she understand what the welfare state actually meant before she began attacking it?

In her interview with Guyon Espiner, Jenny Shipley regretted that the ‘middle class’ were still beneficiaries of the welfare state. Now the term ‘class’ is a summary of a lot of complex ideas useful in social discussions, but I cannot recall it being used by such a senior politician – at least not since Harry Holland.

The government's idea of a four day working week for struggling business appeals for its short-term economic gain. But more vitally it has the potential to re-invent what it means to be a New Zealander

It's an idea I've tossed at friends for years, a notion that has seemed to me to play into the best of who we are as a country and protect a fading part of our culture that we all hold dear. So imagine my surprise when I turned on the news last night and saw the government was actually considering what would amount to a radical policy initiative.