water rights

The Government can sell 49 percent of its shares in Might River Power – but it’s got another battle to fight before it can guarantee the river flows that spin the turbines and generate value for its power generator  share buyers, consumers, and taxpayers.

Last week, the Supreme Court rejected claims that the Government’s plan to sell shares in Mighty River Power would impair its ability to address Treaty of Waitangi breaches in respect of Maori interests in the Waikato river. The Court’s decision clears the way not only for the Mighty River Power share sale, but also similar sales planned for Meridian Energy and Genesis Energy .

Two big legal issues in the one day! Lucky I'm on top of my game ...

It seems Pundit topics are a bit like buses.

Waitangi Day events played out more peacefully than expected, but the risk of division remains if we don't pay attention to public opinion

Another Waitangi Day has come and gone. While there were still a few protesters they were pretty nominal. There has been the usual dialogue around the event as the country struggles to settle just what to do with the day.

Is National's plan to part-sell assets dead in the water? Or will is push ahead regardless of the Waitangi Tribunal's qualms and the risk of losing a coalition partner? As the Maori Party stakes out its ground, what happens next?

It's cleft stick territory now for National and the Maori Party when it comes to the Maori water rights debate.

If you can't stand in the same river twice, does that mean you can't own it? Might Maori have a special right to water? And could Maori law trump common law? As the Waitangi Tribunal prepares to report back this week, the water rights debate is set to gush again

Hold onto your hats... and your water... this is going to get bumpy. When the Waitangi Tribunal rules at the end of this week on Maori water rights, it'll be the beginning of the real debate over water, not the end.