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When something wicked this way comes, what do you do? I hope in time we can make space for study and understanding. Let's find the courage to look at where the hate came from and counter it with facts and truth as well as compassion.

One of the most powerful of the many powerful stories coming out of Christchurch in the past week, is that of 71 year-old Haji-Daoud Nabi, who greeted the gunman at the door of the mosque with a warm, "Hello brother...". Nabi was the first to die.

Republicans and Democrats win concessions, but this crisis still has some way to go

American lawmakers have finally agreed on a bailout plan to take to Congress. While short of what of what the Bush administration initially sought, it still reflects a massive commitment by the US government. All sides seem to agree it's an improvement, being less of a blank cheque than it was.