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France's adventure in Mali is both a result, and potential cause, of instability, and highlights once again the often-forgotten issues surrounding foreign military intervention

For now, French Prime Minister Francois Hollande may well consider France’s intervention in Mali a success. French airstrikes and ground troops halted the rebel advance toward Mali’s capital and weakened rebel control of the North.

If the United States is so keen to espouse the virtues of good governance including the rule of law to others, then it is time for it to end its ‘Wild West’ mentality and practice what it preaches

Nearly ten years after the Taliban's offer to turn over bin Laden to the Americans was rejected by George W Bush, America's public enemy number one has finally met his demise.

Bin Laden's death: What did Pakistan know?... More details of the raid... Obama to visit 9/11 families (+ analysis & multimedia); Swiss banks freeze almost one billion dicatator dollars; Hackers steal personal data from millions; Harper finally wins Canadian majority; and more

Top of the Agenda: Bin Laden Death Puts Spotlight on Pakistan

Osama bin-Laden's death: What happened... the reaction... obituaries... the consequences for Pakistan, Afghanistan, al-Qaeda... (+ analysis & background); NATO defends airstrikes after children's deaths; Japan passes $48b quake budget; China bans smoking in public places; and more

Top of the Agenda: Osama bin Laden Killed