US revises Ebola guidelines while Australia becomes first country to deny visas to people from West African countries; China and Vietnam seek to allay tensions over maritime disputes; nuclear plant reopens in southwestern Japan; UK says it will not support search and rescue operations for Mediterranean migrants; and more 

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United States Revises Ebola Guidelines

Russia votes to stop using force in Ukraine; Chinese envoy visits Taiwan for first time; China plans global financial institution to rival World Bank; UK set to become first Western country to sell Islamic bonds; Libyans cast ballots for new government; and more 

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Russia Annuls Authority to Use Force in Ukraine

US and UK suspend aid to Syrian rebels; former Thai PM indicted on murder charges; same-sex marriage law qushed in Australia; more than 2 million people in Zimbabwe will need food assistance before harvest; Uruguay's legalisation of marijuana breaks international law, says UN drugs body

Top of the Agenda: U.S., UK Suspend Aid to Syria's Rebels

US to cut cash aid and military hardware transfers to Egypt; China now world's top crude oil importer; US and Vietnam sign civilian nuclear power deal; UK troops deploy for final big mission in Afghanistan; Libyan PM kidnapped and released; Azerbaijan election results announced before the vote; and more

Top of the Agenda: U.S. to Partially Cut Aid to Egypt

UK to submit draft resolution to UN condemning Syrian chemical attacks; special envoy to North Korea seeks amnesty for American missionary held in Pyongyang; ethnic Muslims killed in "anti-terror" operation, says China; thousands of Chechens seek asylum in Germany; Indian rupee hits historic low; and more

Top of the Agenda: UK Drafts Resolution for UN Action on Syria