travel expenses

UPDATED: This post is a different version from one published on RNZ this morning. It takes into account Trevor Mallard's decision to halt the inquiry into the leak of Simon Bridge's travel expenses. A decision that doesn't resolve anything

Well that’s as clear as mud. And, in way or another, rather sad. We now know that last Thursday both Opposition leader and Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard received a text from someone claiming to be a National MP and taking responsibility for the leak to Newshub of Bridges’ travel expenses.

HH, his wife and Me/ Fucked off to Paris to have a sight-see/ Too much beauty in one foul sweep/ And the brilliant sun made me blind on the beach/ So I made it back to confusion row/ Where encased in four walls my mind could cope/ We live in hope

So, I think I've got this right.

Hone Harawira, finding himself on parliamentary business in Brussels with his wife in tow, thinks to himself "why not skip tomorrow's pointless meeting and pop off to Paris for a bit of sight-seeing?" Which he does.