Tracy Watkins

In a classic piece of misdirection, we're being urged to look away from the recent Labour-Greens MOU and towards a future with Winston Peters as PM. I did, and there really isn't much there.

In an effort to make sense of the fact that their theories don't really make sense of the Universe, some theoretical physicists posit that we inhabit but one of an infinite number of multiverses, in which anything that could possibly happen does happen.

The Dominion Post throws National a freebie by misrepresenting Labour's new tax policy, and by doing some scaremongering to boot.

The media in New Zealand are, in my view, pretty fair. All political parties, often with good justification, point to episodes where the media treated their ideas and leaders unfairly. In previous years, both Helen Clark and Don Brash have had their substance ignored by a media more interested in poking fun at their style.