Thai government

Obama set on diplomatic path with Iran; dozens of Islamists killed in Philippines; Thai government plans to deploy 10,000 police officers on election day; female politician in India blames victims for rape; UN to sanction those suspected of war crimes in Central African Republic; and more 

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Obama Reinforces Diplomatic Path on Iran

Egyptians protest President Morsi's expanded powers; China downplays row over passports; Thai president survives no-confidence vote; Pakistan tests ballistic missile; Spanish banks win EU bailout; and more

Top of the Agenda: Egypt Protests Morsi's Decree

Four protesters die in Syria as Foreign Minister insists "there is no crackdown"; Intellectuals and activists seek peace at Damascus meeting (+ analysis); Palestinians turn to UN for statehood support; Karzai accuses Pakistan after attacks on Af-Pak border; Khmer Rouge trials begin; and more

Top of the Agenda: Syrian Dissidents Meet in Damascus

Little violence, low turnout in Iraqi council elections; 20m Chinese workers laid off; Israel launches air strike on Gaza; new Iceland PM promises "new social values"; and more


Top of the Agenda: Iraqi Elections