Ted Cruz

Perhaps Donald Trump is rewriting the rules of US politics. But let's not forget that's been said before and frontrunners often fade when the voting starts

Today, at last, we will finally start to see past the blarney and balderdash, the polls and projections, to see the outline of the US presidential race. The Iowa caucuses are being held and the voice of actual voters will get to drown out the voices of the candidates and commentators. For a while at least.

The individual is King here in America. Federal government is closed, and so far you’d hardly notice. Turns out people can live without the services of the Poet Laureate for a week. No-one has taken to the streets in an American ‘Arab Spring’. The heroes of this revolt are nicely tucked up in bed at night, and applauded by many for saying ‘Freedom is the right of the healthy not to pay for the sick.’ 

They really really hate Obamacare. Ok, I’m in Georgia and the South where Republicans rule, but its only by being here (visiting my Obama-voting family) that I start to understand how Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the defacto Che Guavara of this Tea Party revolution could bring government to a grinding halt.