Syrian Opposition

US House of Representatives agrees to arm Syrian opposition; China lowers borrowing costs; 15 arrested in Australian anti-terror raids; journalist killed in Afghanistan; Scotland votes; and more

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House Approves Arming Moderate Syrian Opposition

Syrian opposition leader takes seat on Arab League; North Korea says it is nearly combat-ready and threatens to strike US and South Korea; Vietnam accuses Chinese vessel of firing at fishing boat in South China Sea; Australia to shut down base in Afghanistan; Cyprus banks to stay shut; and more

Top of the Agenda: Syrian Opposition Takes Arab League Seat

North Korea launches rocket, angering international community; Xi Jingping calls for reform of Communist Party; US formally recognises Syrian opposition; Mali appoints interim prime minister; and more

Top of the Agenda: North Korean Rocket Rattles International Community

France becomes first Western country to recognise Syria's new opposition coalition; China wraps up National Party Congress; Japanese Prime Minister would hold elections next month if opposition supports electoral reform bill; Sri Lanka denies intimidating UN staff; UN denounces US 50-year embargo on Cuba; and more

Top of the Agenda: France Recognizes Syria's New Opposition

Heavy fighting continues in Yemen; two more activists killed in Yemen; Japan underestimated impact of tsunami, say nuclear experts; Chinese government attempts to contain soaring consumer prices; Syrian Opposition rejects amnesty; 9/11 suspects charged at Guantanamo; Mladic arrives at the Hague; and more

Top of the Agenda: Violence Rages on in Yemen