Egypt continues crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood; Asian governments demand explanation for US surveillance; Bank of Japan says country will reach inflation target in 2015; Syrian chemical weapons equipment destroyed; Russia targets Dagestan insurgents; and more

Top of the Agenda: Egypt Continues Brotherhood Crackdown

Obama administration considers ending surveillance of allied heads of state; China suspects Tiananmen Square crash a suicide attack; North Korea at work on missile launch site; India raises interest rates to curb inflation; US intensifies efforts to capture Joseph Kony; and more

Top of the Agenda: U.S. Mulls Spying Constraints

I was surprised the dominant response to the Ed Snowden leaks in the United States has not been concern at invasion of privacy and the misuse of state power, but anger at the leaker... until I remembered something about US DNA

When I lived in the United States some years ago I was captivated by some of its salty expressions. One was, “His head’s up his arse”. I took it to mean the said person was unaware of his surroundings because of his personal preoccupations. I guess that's the opposite of what's most prized in American mainstream culture – being a regular guy.

New Zealand Police aren’t waiting for major aviation safety and personal privacy issues about domestic spy drones to be solved. TV3 reports they’ve already purchased their first unmanned aerial vehicle. So, watch this space …

It’s been known for months that the police have been studying the use of remotely-controlled surveillance drones.

Last September,  Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff was warning that “drones have the potential to be seriously intrusive” and calling for debate about the risks, benefits and the need for regulation “before they become a problem”.