Steven Price

I have no idea how the David Bain compensation bid is now going to turn out. But I don't see why that should stop me telling you about it

So, it appears my preparedness to reverse my earlier doubts about David Bai

Here's my suggestion to politicians. If you want to plot the takeover of the world without people finding out about it, don't do it in a Newmarket Cafe.

For what was meant to be a short photo-op designed to remind the good folk of Epsom of their duty to Party and Nation, the cup of tea between John Key and John Banks has all turned a bit Alice in Wonderland.

Who would have thought that Ryan Giggs' sexual peccadillos would cause a minor constitutional crisis in the UK?

Of late, the UK press has worked itself into something of a frenzy over the issue of (the rather scarily named) "super-injunctions".

A Pundit debate about media ethics winds up on telly... So is my argument "spurious"? Has the media overstepped in reporting the Christchurch quake? Some new thoughts...

I got too busy to post about this yesterday, but the debate that barrister and journalist Steven Price and I began here on Pundit last week got an airing on TVNZ7's Court Report. You can watch last night's episode here. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

The Sunday Star-Times is very big on the need for accountability in others. How about it demonstrates a bit itself?

A few weeks ago, the Sunday Star-Times ran a front-page story about a fairly routine case in which a High Court judge varied the sentence of a woman convicted for drink driving, quashing her disqualification and instead tripling the amount of community service she must per