state owned enterprises

Iwi may be steaming over the Government’s plans to convert State-owned enterprises into “Mixed Ownership” businesses - but so will the country’s “Mum and Dad” investors when they find out what the iwi are being told.

Everyone should read the iwi consultation paper on the Governnent’s plan to convert the four energy sector State-owned enterprises into “Mixed Ownership” businesses with 49% of their shares in private hands.

Is John Key being advised by Auckland law graduates?

I suspect the sudden threat by the Maori Party to "reconsider its relationship with National" if partialy-privatised (sorry ...

John Key’s hottest line from the last election campaign could come back to haunt him as he ploughs ahead with the expansion of the “Mixed Ownership Model” by selling shares in a batch of state-owned assets.

The new National-led Government delivered a fine present as it shut down for Christmas – a big dump of official documents on its plans to extend what it calls the “Mixed Ownership Model”.  The Sale of the Century is scheduled to start in the third quarter this year and continue all the way through to next election in 2014.

State owned enterprises Meridian and Solid Energy have gone feral down on the wild West Coast, where it's every man for himself and his hydro proposal

Remember when Helen Clark misspoke, and called West Coasters "feral"? There must be something in the water down there: our SOEs have caught it.