State of the Union

Donald Trump is being backed into a corner politically and legally, with the Mueller investigation expected soon. How far will he go and can America's famed checks and balances withstand the coming storm?

It was a warm November evening on the gulf coast of Florida. President Trump was flying in for a rally two days before the mid-terms and the taxi driver taking us there was a Republican. “Government doesn’t always know best,” he reckoned. “The working man should decide for himself”. But he was a Never Trump Republican, worried about where this mad, bad presidency might end.

Obama's first State of the Union address all about the economy; North Korea holding American man; Clinton calls for Yemen reforms; new Honduran President takes power; more economic gloom on the way; and more

Top of the Agenda: State of the Union Highlights Economy


Yemen and Afghanistan peace conference opens in London as US lead secret ops in Yemen; North and South Korea exchange fire; signs of recovery in Japanese economy; State of the Union priorities: spending freeze and education; and more

Top of the Agenda: World Leaders Meet on Yemen