The inquiry reports into Kiwi issues raised by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden are nearly complete. Gwyn's reports are likely to shed great light on how our intelligence agencies operate.

When Edward Snowden’s NSA haul finally turned out a few New Zealand documents, it created an awesome and instant workload for Cheryl Gwyn.

The new Inspector General of Intelligence and Security suddenly had her hands filled. That was almost two years ago.

Those embarrassed by the torrent of Wikileaks documents claim the whistle-blowing site is endangering lives. But the threat in this historian's dream trove of information is really to the reputations of politicians and diplomats, and their secretive, opaque, patronising modus operandi

To be surprised by the contents of the Wikileaks deluge is to be either negligent of international goings on, or naively trustful of governments, or both.

As Israel launches a public relations campaign to try and improve its damaged international reputation, its own spy agency Mossad is at the centre of a diplomatic row following a high profile assassination of an enemy of Israel in a Dubai hotel

Oops, looks like Mossad has done it again… and this time it is more than the New Zealand Government on the Israeli spy agency’s bumbling tail