SkyCity pokies

John Key loves closing a deal. But when it comes to SkyCity and plain packaging he seems to have lost sight of the fact that how you do things is the mark of a man... and a government

We seem to live in a world these days where the means don't matter so much if you can justify the end - we're driven by outcomes; the result is all that matters. Yet just how much the means means to a person, or a government, can be telling and two big stories this week have been revealing when it comes to making sense of John Key and his second term government.

Look at that, Peter Dunne is interesting again. The man from Ohariu could have a fair bit of sway in the next couple of years

Almost 30 years into his parliamentary career, you could argue Peter Dunne has never been more relevant. Although this is a terrible over-simplification, he's effectively the man with the man with the casting vote. Not just this term, but possibly come 2014.