The Americans have finally ramped up sanctions and told Bashar al-Assad to resign as Syria's leader, but the thug's response is that he's there to stay and those who oppose him will be punished. He's can't work out the difference between blood and reform. 

Finally the international community has ramped up the pressure on Syria’s dictator to step aside.  “Time to get out of the way” Hilary Clinton scolded.

Social development minister Paula Bennett promises a benefit reform that brings “an unrelenting focus on work”. But just how sharp is that focus going to be?

Promising to tighten the screws on welfare bludgers is the stuff that gets chat radio humming, but actually doing it is much more difficult, particularly when unemployment is still on the rise in an economy that is tottering out of a recession.

As the US sweeps in to rescue an American from the clutches of the Burmese military junta, the woman the world really wants to see free, Aung San Suu Kyi, is left behind to her fate

Another American mercy dash, another US ‘prisoner’ released, but this time the gal was left behind.