White House criticises senators' letter about Iran; police and students clash in Burma; China reportedly building second aircraft carrier; Ivory Coast's former First Lady jailed for election violence; Venezuela hit with fresh sanctions over human rights violations; and more 


President Rejects Senators' Letter to Iran

Russia's central bank promises to help financial institutions affected by sanctions; Chinese Communist Party cracks down on corruption; Uighur people dispute official account of clashes in Xinjiang; airline suspends flights to help stop spread of ebola; and more 

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Russia Reacts to New U.S., EU Sanctions

EU sanctions 15 Russian and Ukrainian political and military figures; North Korea conducts live-fire drill near border with South Korea; Chinese president visits home of Uighur separatists; Iraqi PM seeks third term; Nigerian military negotiating release of schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram; and more  

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EU Levies New Russia Sanctions

Saudi Arabia withdraws from Gulf Cooperation Council--Arab League to meet today to decide whether to abandon the mission; Chinese open fire on Tibetan protesters; EU to ease sanctions on Burma; EU finance ministers reject Greek private debt deal; US defends NATO bombing mistake; and more

Top of the Agenda: Gulf States Quit Syria Mission

Iran's hurtling towards being a diplomatic outcast raises cause for serious concern about what is really going on within the country politically, and the impact domestic tensions are having on furthering Iran's nuclear arms ambitions and consequently, its dangerous isolationism.  

It is very difficult to believe that the attack on the British Embassy in Tehran was a spontaneous act by a group of young men who suddenly decided to teach the Brits a lesson for ratcheting up sanctions against the nascent nuclear state.