Russel Norman

Did you know that if you don't know you are breaking a law, this means that you're allowed to break it without criminal consequences following? At least, you can if you're a New Zealand spy agency.

Completely unsurprisingly, the Independent Police Conduct Authority has rejected Russel Norman's complaint about the way the Police investigated the GCSB's involvement in spying on Kim Dotcom (and other matters). Norman had complained about three aspects of the Police's investigation:

The Greens were getting ahead of themselves with their offer to Labour to campaign as a coalition government in waiting, and Labour was right to reject the offer.

Winston’s right. When a party publicly offers to collaborate with another party and there’s no agreement behind the scenes, that’s not a friendly gesture - that’s an attack.

The transcript of Wednesday's question time in the House is not yet available via Hansard. Fortunately, I am able to roughly recreate it below (with some possible inaccuracies, although minor in nature).

Russel Norman: To the Minister of Energy and Resources. Is he any good at his job?

There's been a lot of nonsense around Russel Norman the past 24 hours, but one very serious question remains. And if the Prime Minister has reason to believe what he suggested, he should put up or shut up

Well, what a fuss. In the past 24 hours I've heard and seen reports of Greens' co-leader Russel Norman having "secret" meetings with Kim Dotcom, of him having a "brain fade" about said meetings and accusations – of a very serious nature – that he has been using parliamentary questions to favour a political ally. Surely, the man must step down.

The final say on whether Kim Dotcom will stand trial in the US may lie with a politician. Which is just the way the law says it should be.

Following some rather breathless speculation by Patrick Gower over at TV3, Kim Dotcom's fate under a future Labour/Gre