Rodney Hide

The world has changed dramatically since 2005. The Don Brash prescription for change has not. But his venom is now directed at National under Key and English instead of Labour under Clark and Cullen

Dear Don

Don Brash will get ACT above 10 percent, re-energising the right of New Zealand politics - or so the story goes. Some aren't so sure, including some in National

So, there are two ways of looking at the ACT overhaul. It's either a grand National plot or National are the biggest losers at the end of this week. I tend towards the latter. But what do you think?

I look to the forward and not to the back!

Look to the future, be finished with all that!

The sound of the New Man: A tragicomedy in four acts

Dramatis Personae

Rodney Hide and Don Brash want to lead ACT. That much we know; the rest is cloudy. So let's look at some of the core questions, battles and potential strategies...

It'll come down to the numbers. It always does. The Brash "coup" seems to be struggling to gain traction, up against Hillary Calvert's and, crucially, John Boscawen's initial loyalty to Rodney Hide. But that's not to say the temptation to change leaders won't be strong given Hide's woes in Epsom and ACT's continued low polling.

The summer surge of politics continued this week with more big calls being made, especially by National, Labour and the Maori Party. But what do they mean? And where do they lead?

Wise decisions are at the heart of good politics. Judgment is everything when it comes to choosing what's best for our country and anticipating how voters will respond, and this week some big – politically massive – judgment calls have been made.

I figured Friday was as good a day as any to look back and ponder just how wise and wily party leaders have been this week.